WhoIS Episode 003: Jennifer Huber

In this Episode of WhoIS:  We speak to Jennifer Huber

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About Josh O'Brien

Josh is the CTO of Language Access Network in Columbus, Ohio. Over his career he as had extensive experience in networking environments. These experiences have led him to design and implement hundreds of customer networks as a consultant. Currently Josh focuses growing nationwide medical networks and providing cutting edge video services to the medical community.

  • http://blog.netvolution.ca/ Phil Ashman

    Followed you and the rest of the networking community on Twitter for a while now, but just latched onto this podcast. It always fascinates me as well about how people got into this career. I worked as a network guy for about 8 years before jumping into teaching at a local college in a new 2yr Network & Telecom program 10 years ago. However what I found very refreshing in terms of a common thread in your interviews was talking about the benefit of skill based training and not necessarily a 4 year general degree. I am constantly evangelizing the benefits of taking a focused 2 year technical diploma, getting a job, and then continuing one’s education as you find the focus of your career.

    The number of parents that push their kids into a 4 year degree just because it’s the thing to do is a recipe for disaster. At career fairs I’m always telling potential students to find the career they want and then find the balance of the best/cheapest/shortest education path to gain the skills they need to be hired. I feel more acceptance and recognition is happening in our industry for skills based training, but unfortunately most of society and many employers are only just twigging into this and still hold on to traditional job requirements in the hiring process.

    On another note, I had a potential female student come in the other day who was considering a career in IT but knew nothing about it. After some initial discussion (at which point most females generally cringe and decide it isn’t for them) she became very interested and is seriously considering registering for the program. I just happened to be listening to this podcast around the same time and thought it a fantastic way for her to hear the story of another female in IT. With this industry being so male dominated, I agree that it’s important to get the word out and change some of the sexist tendencies in parts of our industry.

    Thanks for doing these and I look forward to hearing more interviews.