Why a Network?

So why do we build networks? In my mind from the very earliest networks there was an application that the network was designed to support. That brings me to what is an application: According to Wikipedia “Application software applies the power of a particular computing platform or system software to a particular purpose.” With that established lets talk about a few networks and what their core application or applications were/are.

WhoIS Episode 5: Greg Ferro (@Etherealmind)

In this episdoe of WhoIS we talk to Greg Ferro (@etherealmind on Twitter) about his life and career. We were both worn out after Nework Field Day but it made for a great episode!

WhoIS Episode 004: Tom Hollingsworth

In this Episode of WhoIS: We speak to Tom Hollingsworth

WhoIS Episode 003: Jennifer Huber

In this Episode of WhoIS, we have our guest is Jennifer Huber. – I was thrilled for the opportunity to talk to Jennifer about her Career, Wireless and whats next in Tech.

WhoIS Episode 002: Stephen Foskett

n this Episode of WhoIS, we have our first guest Stephen Foskett.

I was thrilled for the opportunity to talk to Stephen following Network Field Day 5 and I think you will enjoy our conversation.

Back in the Saddle with NFD5

Well here I am in San Jose again for another Tech Field Day event.

WhoIS Episode 001: Preamble, Kicking the Tires

In this first Episode of WhoIS my guest Josh Kittle and I talk a bit of tech and in general kick the tires on all the new gear to get ready for our first guests.

Gearing up for WhoIS: The Questions

Today we wanted to get the questions out what we plan on using in our up coming series WhoIS. This may or may not end up being the final set of questions. That is largely who to your the readers and listeners. We would love to get your comments on what else you would like to have use ask our guests. What do you want to know about the people who are driving our industry forward and making real change. So check out what we have so far and help us know where you want us to go from here.

Gearing up for WhoIS: The First Guests

Since announcing our new Podcast Series WhoIS a few weeks ago things have been moving very fast and we have been very busy.  So far we have most of the studio setup and we are working through little issues you run into as you setup new toys especially Pro Audio toys.  In the next few […]

Testing Your Network: Whats Next?

Imagine if you will having your own droids running around your network testing for and remediating issues as they happen. This would change the way we work.